Swarovski Hanging Crystal Beads

Optical quality Swarovski Bead #8502 is ELEMENTS # 5000
in COLORS sizes 10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm ( See photo with a dime for size comparison)
Diameter of Dime = 18 mm = 3/4 inch (approx)
Swarovski round bead #8502 which is ELEMENTS #5000
No minimum, just pay delivery

Toll free 1 877 642-6745 25 hour recored message, please repeat your phone number twice .

Hearts also available

beaded hangings
Take advatage of this sale, you are paying WHOLESALE, getting the lowest possible price.

Swartovski Bead 8502
Make a Bridal Bouquet

NO MINIMUM - just pay delivery

OR, double the bead price, min $150 and get FREE DELIVERY!

6 mm Colors ( NO purple BlueViolet in 6 mm only)
all others Each $ sale call!
plus delivery

8mm Colors including Blue Violet
Each $ .35
plus delivery

10 mm Colors
Each $ .60
plus delivery

IN STOCK - no minimum, except you pay for packing, package tracking, insurance, delivery total $35.

Example: one bead at 25 cents, delivered $35.25 This makes one bead very expensive! In order to get a good deal, order in bulk. The delivery amount can accommodate up to $1,000 in beads for the same delivery cost.
Example: our sale would give you 5,000 beads at 20 cents each for $1035.00 which means you are getting the bead delivered to your door for less that 21 cents each!